Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Palettes in Stage Beauty, Rising Star - Review, Swatches, Photos

This week has been a bit slow for blogging on my end (renovations!) but, in an attempt to end with a bang, I bring you two of the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Palettes in Stage Beauty and Rising Star!

Truth be told I can't remember how much I paid for these ($3.99? $4.99?), but the palettes contain nine colors of cream eyeshadows each.

Here's Stage Beauty -

I put the same amount of effort into each application and, as you can see, the quality varies greatly.

Unusable, for all practical purposes - 1, 2, 4, 6

Fair - 3

Decent - 5, 7, 8, 9

Note that 7 looks deep blue/purple in the pan, but once you get past the stiff top layer, it goes on as a pretty burgundy!

And now the better of the two, Rising Star -
Sooo puts me in the Halloween mood! Great and festive color combo.

Some beautiful, rusty autumn shades are featured in Rising Star and the quality/pigmentation is, overall, heads and shoulders above Stage Beauty's--the only irredeemable failures were 1 and 2. Otherwise, it's not hard to get even, opaque coverage without the annoying chunkies the other palette couldn't resolve. 

The formula is smooth and slick, a bit like grease paint. It seems that you are using up a good portion of each pan with each application - I already made significant dents with just these swatches! In terms of longevity the Fantasy Makers palettes are so-so: after about eight hours of wear, with primer, I got MAJOR creasing (like, chunks of product were accumulating in the folds of my lids!). Not very suitable for everyday use, BUT these shadows are billed as Halloween makeup and for that the wear time is appropriate; they will last nicely the few hours through a costume party or a night out.

Wet n Wild produced very fun, colorful palettes for this equally fun season! Even if almost half the shadows are throwaways these Fantasy Makers products are a great deal at their low drugstore price. I don't know that I would purchase Stage Beauty again but Rising Star is especially lovely, though also not intended for regular wear.

Have you picked up any of the Fantasy Makers collection?


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