Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sally Girl Eye Shadow Connecting Compacts - Review + Swatches Part 1

Is there a tier of cosmetic designation below drugstore? If so I think that, based on packaging, branding, and price, the Sally Girl Eye Shadow Compacts are perfect candidates.

(So cute and tiny!) Sally Girl offers 48 single eyeshadow shades at a bank-breaking $0.99 each ($0.94 with the Sally card). The compacts are made of a flimsy plastic with standard Sally Girl printing stamped on. Despite the bargain-basement look there is one neat feature of the packaging - you can slide the black bits together to form your own palette! This could be a great selling point if not for the haphazard execution; connecting (and unconnecting) the compacts takes a hardy effort, and once you combine three or more the palette starts curving from the pressure.

How is the quality of the shadows? Well, generally, pretty darn good! With a primer they last all day with no creasing and only minor fading. The texture is smooth and blends nicely. While not up to par with some of the better MACs and UDs, they are definitely heads and shoulders above most drugstore eyeshadows (not to mention, cheaper!) and some higher end ones, too. If you are someone who regularly buys Revlon, Covergirl, etc. I would suggest giving these the old college try - it's a small investment and I think you won't be disappointed :) A small word of caution when buying - most of the shades are a touch softer than they appear in the pan.  Also, if buying online, be aware that in many cases the name absolutely does not correlate to the color; for example, White Chocolate is, bafflingly, a dark grey-brown.

On to the photos:

Charcoal, a dusty ash gray with microglitter -

White Chocolate, a dark brown-gray with microglitter -

Coral, a peachy champagne shimmer -

Mauve, a light pink shimmer -

Espresso, a warm medium brown with microglitter -

Caramel, a blush rose with microglitter -

Brick, a warm dark brown with microglitter -

Cinnamon, a russet shimmer -

Taupe, a baby pink champagne shimmer -

Bronze, a bronzey coral shimmer -

L to R: Charcoal, White Chocolate, Coral, Mauve, Espresso, Caramel, Brick, Cinnamon, Taupe, Bronze

Have you tried these Sally Girl Eye Shadows? What do you think?


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