Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Maybelline Vivid Lipcolors in Shocking Coral, Pink Pop, Vivid Rose, Brazen Berry, Hot Plum, Vibrant Mandarin - Review, Photos, Swatches

Being the shameless bargain-hunter that I am, I'm always on the lookout for cheap drugstore makeup products that are of stellar quality. (It also helps if the color options come with a healthy dose of pizazz!) No surprise, then, that I was super stoked to pick up a few of the new Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids!

This collection features ten gorgeous, vibrant hues, of which I purchased a whopping six! :o

First is Brazen Berry, a surprising favorite of mine. This isn't a berry, really, but a soft, cool violet. Love it!

 Hot Plum, a warmer, more red cousin to Brazen Berry -

Pink Pop, a cool light to medium pink -

 Shocking Coral, a warm, taupe-y coral -

Vibrant Mandarin, a bright orange-red. Don't be scared! While nice and vivid, this color is ultra wearable and I can't wait to wear it in the summer! In real life Mandarin appears a touch brighter and redder.

Vivid Rose, a fab pink-red -

L to R: Shocking Coral, Vibrant Mandarin, Vivid Rose, Hot Plum

 Pink Pop, Brazen Berry

What do you think? I love this bright, in-your-face line from Maybelline! I also love that they are very user-friendly as they are not completely creamy/opaque; you can certainly get full coverage with a couple of coats, but you have the option for a more subtle, semi-sheer wash with just one swipe. The formula is soft and fairly moisturizing, super comfortable to wear, and the scent is your standard vanilla. This ColorSensational Vivid collection is perfect for the upcoming beach-y summer weather, and a great transitional option for those that normally wear neutrals but perhaps want a pop of color for the warmer seasons. My two stand-outs here are Brazen Berry (a great bright violet) and Vibrant Mandarin, and I see myself reaching for them often in the next few months. Overall a great showing from Maybelline!

Maybelline's ColorSensational Vivid Lip Colors are available at most drug stores such as Walgreens and CVS (be on the lookout for sales; it's how I justified purchasing six!) for about $7.49 each, as well as through online retailers such as drugstore.com

Have you tried these only to fall madly in love?Are you also itching to head to the beach?!

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick in Rose Dressing, Fuchsia Irresistible - Review, Photos, Swatches

Confession: In a bout of complete and utter shallowness, I admit that I was first drawn to these Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks based solely on looks; I can't resist sleek, cool, edgy packaging, and this fusion of metal and leather certainly fits the bill! Further encouraged by Sephora's Chic Week sale, I purchased two of these beauties sight unseen. They were pricey, but I was fairly confident that the quality would be ace based on my previous Givenchy experiences. Luckily, I wasn't disappointed!

Here's the beautiful packaging (I love the stud detail as well!)-

Here is Fuchsia Irresistible, a fairly true fuchsia -

Rose Dressing, a muted, muddy rose coral -

The formula on these is so, so nice; they feel soft and rich and quite hydrating. The intense pigmentation packs a punch as well. The scent is kind of odd, and I think part of it has to do with the packaging - it is a combination of light but sophisticated vanilla (darker and spicier vanilla than, say, Mac's standard scent) and leather. Again, I think that's from the materials used in the outer lipstick cover and it's perfectly fine for my nose, but it may be off-putting for some.

Anyway, great product overall! I've also spotted these lipsticks in white leather for summer - neat!

Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick may be purchased at Sephora for $36 each.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

China Glaze Holographics in Strap on Your Moonboots, Galactic Gray, When Stars Collide - Photos, Review, Swatches

I wouldn't say I'm a super fan of holo polishes, but they do catch my interest occasionally when they come in dark and/or unique colors; for this reason, I had to get my hands on a couple of the new China Glaze lacquers! I got Put on Your Moonboots, When Stars Collide, and Galactic Gray. (Again, I was so excited I couldn't resist doing a photo dump - fair warning!)

L to R: Put on Your Moonboots, Galactic Gray, When Stars Collide
Galactic Gray, a dark gray holo -

Put on Your Moonboots, a deep blue holo -

When Stars Collide, a burgundy holo -

Gorgeous, no? As a bonus, the formula is very nearly perfect, too! Very smooth, rich, and easy to manipulate onto the nails. Top quality stuff from China Glaze!

The new China Glaze holographics can be purchased at Sally Beauty for $9.99, as well as at Ulta and various e-tailers.

What do you think? Are you a fan of holographics?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chanel Nail Colour in Taboo, Vertigo - Photos, Review, Swatches

Chanel brings out the heavy-handedness in me when it comes to photos! I couldn't help myself; these polishes were TOO lovely and spectacular and magical!! D:

I'm super stoked to share with you nail varnish in Taboo and Vertigo, both beautiful and unique in their own right -

Taboo! How to describe this color... A purplish/burgundy/blackish stormy supernova (I know, doesn't really help :P)

Vertigo, a warm taupe-y gray with shimmer -

I'll leave the commentary short so you can bask in the beauty of these lacquers :) I will say that the formula is top, top quality and these are truly gorgeous.

You can snatch these up at chanel.com for $27 each, as well as various department store Chanel counters.

Are you lusting after these too, or is it just me!? 8D