Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Elevation Polish Pic de Sotllo, Street Side NYC - Review, Photos, Swatches

First, a bad joke (you've been warned!) -

Q: Why was Bob Marley disappointed with the donuts in heaven?
A: The didn't have any jammin'!

Get it, jam in? Jammin'? 8D Oh dear... I told this joke at a meeting at work today and was met with reluctant chuckles, face palms, and a chorus of groans. It can't be helped, though; I like my humor as pun-y and lame as possible!

Moving on.. I'm still catching up on both blog stuff and silly life stuff, so thank goodness for a fairly old stock of photos that have been gathering dust on my hard drive! Today I have two lovely lacquers by Elevation Polish. Like the artist, I very much share a love of all things outdoor and rugged. In fact, I just got back from doing some trekking in the Himalayas -

So, I love the inspiration behind this line, as well as the natural, gorgeous color story. First I have Street Side, NYC, a mustard with very fine, subtle gold shimmer -

Are you ready for this next one? It's totally, utterly, completely amazing - Pic de Sotllo, a vibrant blue with a cool semi-matte finish -

sdfahfikk283ulkjgadsfsdjkg. Guys, I can't even. Pic de Sotllo is just too awesome! I love blues in general but this one takes the cake, I think. While I think NYC could do with a topcoat, I'm loving the slightly rubberized finish of Sotllo on its own. Not much else to say, really, other than to recommend that you run, dance, or prance over to the Elevation Polish site to get your paws on this gem!

Don't get me wrong, NYC is really pretty too - such a unique color for which I have no dupe, and it's a yellow that I think is suitable for many skin tones due to its touch of dustiness. I suspect a topcoat would bring the shimmer out a tad more.

The photos show two coats each. The formula was smooth, easy to work with, and pretty darn perfect. I can't wait to purchase more Elevation lacquers!

Elevation Polish is available online here for about $6 to $10.50 each.

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  1. yessss, I LOVE that blue, man I am a total sucker for blue polish!

  2. I`m not usually a fan of yellows, but the shimmer jazzes it up a bit :D