Monday, August 29, 2011

GOSH and OH MY GOSH Nail Lacquer in Pool Party, Bottle Green, & Gasoline - Swatches, Review

As mentioned previously I just returned from visiting family, and it was lovely as I only get to see them every several years. It was too hectic a trip to deem a vacation, but I did find a few moments of reflective peace -


Now! Getting back to the "makeup" aspect of this makeup blog -- I happened upon a 30% off GOSH sale at Vita, a local cosmetic store chain.

I immediately took advantage, but was (luckily?) limited in my spending by a regretfully picked-through selection. Of my haul I did take home three GOSH nail polishes - Bottle Green and Gasoline (which are "minis" labeled as OH MY GOSH) and a full-sized Pool Party. Rather perplexingly the regular price of the full size, which is 0.3 fl. oz., is 60kr (~$12), while the minis, clocking in only slightly smaller at 0.2 fl. oz., are 25kr (~$5). Still, the shades were too fun to pass up!

L to R: Gasoline, Bottle Green, Pool Party

Here we go! First is Pool Party, a pretty medium blue cream with a hint of teal-

So glossy! The formula is on the thick side but pretty great regardless; if you're in a pickle you could get away with one coat, though I used two. On the nail the polish is a shade darker than in the bottle. As the last days of summer pass us by I am glad that, despite the name, Pool Party is actually a nice, dark-ish blue color for autumn.

Here is Bottle Green -

A fantastic dusty metallic emerald with silver microglitter!

Looks a bit different in each photo, no? I love this color too, and it's another potential one coater (though two coats are pictured above). Again, this has a thicker formula but is top notch nonetheless.

Finally, Gasoline, a mesmerizing warm purple with densely packed with holographic microglitter!

I think this is my favorite! The lacquer is a bit thin, requiring at least two coats (I used three). Simply gorgeous!

What do you think? Are you as infatuated as I am? :D

GOSH offers some vibrant and refreshing color selections, and the polishes don't disappoint! All three polishes are good quality and I don't regret my purchase -- now I only wish they were more readily available stateside!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

BACK! Update + Inglot, GOSH

If I've been MIA it's because I've been frolicking through Scandinavia, visiting family and relaxing.

I enjoyed the trip and was very happy to see everyone, but I'm glad to be back in the States where a bottle of water doesn't cost $7! ;)

I brought back much more makeup than I should've, and I have a lot to review! Posts and photos coming soon~~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil - Sweet Beige - Review, Swatches

We've made it through another long, tedious Monday, yay!

I liked Sephora's Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencils ($12) so much, I purchased another one! (You can see the rest of my collection swatched and reviewed here)

Unlike the rest of the pencils I have, Sweet Beige is a light caramel neutral - nothing too crazy, great for everyday wear, but still with a nice kick in the form of a bit of subdued shimmer.  

Like the rest of Sephora's Lip Vinyls I tried, Sweet Beige goes on smooth and glossy and slick. I'm quite fond of the texture; it's almost refreshing! Unlike the other lipsticks this neutral is fairly hydrating, though I wouldn't go so far as to call it moisturizing. In my previous review I forgot to mention the scent of these pencils - a little plasticy, a little waxy, and slightly unpleasant. Fortunately, the smell is very faint and significantly more manageable after just a minute or two.

Hooray for another successful Sephora brand buy! Again, you may check out my thorough review of the Vinyl Lip Pencils here

Thanks for reading, and remember: only four more days until the weekend! (Gotta look on the bright side :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Inglot - Eyeshadow Brights, Part 2 - Photos + Swatches

Happy Friday! I don't have much time but I did want to share with you some quick drive-by eyeshadow swatches! This is the vibrant, flamboyant half of my Inglot collection, and definitely the palette I reach for more often.  You can see my Inglot neutral swatches and review here!

So bright and cheerful, yay!

Row 1 -

L to R: 474 DS, 403 Pearl, 16 AMC Shine, 477 DS, 17 AMC Shine

L to R: 372 Matte, 504 DS, 371 Matte, 50 AMC Shine, 483 DS

L to R: 351 Matte, 29 AMC Shine, 362 Matte, 48 AMC Shine, 30 AMC Shine

L to R: 66 AMC, 441 Pearl, 420 Pearl, 40 AMC Shine

Some beautiful colors here, no? I won't go into the quality of the shadows (you can read a more thorough review here), but you should be aware that Inglot is pretty darn awesome :P

My favorites are 362 Matte (So pigmented! So rich! Sensational matte hot pink!), 48 AMC Shine, 371 Matte, and 50 AMC Shine, though each shade is special and unique in its own wonderful way!

The only problem children were 372 Matte and 66 AMC - both were streaky and uneven, with 372 being the better of the two.  66, I'm sad to say, is a complete, irredeemable dud - very rare for Inglot products, in my experience.

I HIGHLY recommend checking these out if you have the opportunity. What do you think of Inglot makeup?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume Roll-On - Review + Photos

Whenever I shop in a department or beauty store, I always spend a few minutes exploring the inviting, exotic wafts emanating from perfume area - I can never resist the lovely, varied scents resting in equally beautiful and creative bottles, just waiting to be liberated from the prison that is a tiny and confined fragrance section.

I adore perfume - there's something romantic and seductive about spritzing yourself with your favorite scent before a evening at the theatre, prior to a dinner date, or just as you step out for a night on the town. Unfortunately for me, I don't get to indulge my olfactory sense on a daily basis; my workplace is SUPER casual (heck, I'm in stretchy pants half the time) and my job is oftentimes the exact opposite of glamorous (...unglamorous, maybe? 8D). Coco Mademoiselle would very much be out of place next to my faded hoodie and hair still wet from my morning shower! Still, lack of opportunity for wear doesn't stop me from sniffing as many samples as I can get my hands on, and starting a small collection of Eau de Parfums that will probably take me a lifetime to use up.

The latest addition to my merry menagerie is Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume Roll-On ($12).

I don't recall what propelled me to purchase this sight unseen and, quite literally, scent unsmelled (perhaps to fill my price quota for free shipping), but I don't regret that I did! Tuscan Blood Orange is a light, refreshing scent, not overpowering and perfect for summer. It's also playful enough for me to wear to work!

Upon initial application I got a strong tinge of bitter, citrusy grapefruit - crisp and not too sweet. Lovely! I would have preferred for the scent to stay this way; I dislike perfumes that are too feminine or floral, often opting for ones that are strong, clean, and verging on unisex. Somewhat disappointedly, though, Pacifica's TBO dries down to a fresh, sweet orange tone. It's still very nice, especially if your nose craves more sugary smells, but the initial grapefruit was just so perfect.

Nevertheless, Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange is a solid buy - the price isn't overwhelming and I think the scent will appeal to a wide range of people. I also have to note the convenience of a rollerball applicator - safe for handbags and always available for emergencies! ;)

My Grade: B

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Watermelon, Posy - Review + Swatches

Goodness I'm SUCH a sucker for these Friends/Family sales, buying things that I don't need and wouldn't even *consider* buying full-price. But it's on sale! It's a great deal! I'm saving sooo much money! It might never, ever be on sale again and if I don't buy it right. now. I will regret it forever and ever until the day I die! D: D: D: 


The latest additions to my happy family of beauty products are these three lipstuffs I acquired from the Elizabeth Arden F&F extravaganza.

From top, clockwise - High Shine Lipgloss in Berrylicious ($15), Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Watermelon ($22.50), Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Posy

(Random question: Is the EA logo supposed to be a paneled door?? Weird, I never really noticed before!)

The lipstick packaging is gold-colored, vintage-looking (in this case, a delicate way of saying.. "dated") and weighty. One curious trait is that you need either a jackhammer or the strength of a small bull to force the top off - it's quite sturdy and secure; No accidental lipstick stains in your handbag from the cap slipping off, that's for sure! (Yay unintentional rhyme!) Once it's on, it's ON.

Watermelon left, Posy right

Posy, a soft and lightly-shimmered baby pink -

Watermelon, a bright pink raspberry -

This is my first experience with Elizabeth Arden, and I think the reason I stayed away from the brand this long is because I always associated it with older, more mature women - the antiquated product packaging and design does nothing to alter this notion, but the lipstick definitely does! Look how glossy and slick the finish is! Both Posy and Watermelon refuse to dry down (and their stubbornness in this regard is very much welcome!), providing a wet sheen of shine for the duration of its wear (in my case, about five hours). The formula is smooth and refreshing, and I'm quite please with the shades I chose. I wasn't expecting to like Posy as much as I do, but it's a great work-safe basic - a light beigy-pink neutral, Posy tones down the lips while still giving them a wash of color and sparkle.

Watermelon doesn't remind me much of its fruity namesake (one of my favorites, especially during the long, lazy days of summer!), but the color is still vibrant and pretty darn awesome. I think this absolutely can be an everyday color; it's not too obnoxious for the stricter work environment but doesn't sacrifice brightness and interest for appropriateness. I'm hopelessly in love <3 This lipstick is very much a keeper... :)

In summary -

Love the finish, love the shades (fun and pigmented, not at all "old"), and the price is fair for what I consider a mid-luxury brand. The only slight downside it that I wish the tubes were easier to open so that I didn't feel like I might decapitate the lipstick if I had accidentally left it screwed up.

My Grade: A-

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Lipstick 507 - Review, Swatches

Do you ever wish your life were a musical? I've been wanting to do "jazz hands" (and maybe a step-ball-change or two) all day today, no idea why. (Maybe because it's Thursday, which means only one day until the weekend!) I resisted the urge, though, as there are certain times when jazz hands just aren't socially acceptable - during a driving exam (that you want to pass), at a funeral, and while you are handling delicate and dangerous radioactive chemicals that can potentially spell widespread DOOM* (see footnote below). I've spent most of the workday immersed in the third option :)

Now that I'm home I can jazz-hand it up to my little heart's content. But first! A review post~~

I picked up a couple of items when Giorgio Armani had their recent F&F sale, and one of those items was Rouge d'Armani Lipstick in 507 (regularly $30).

Such sleek and elegant packaging! The tube is oval-ish and closes magnetically - Just slide the top half-way and the magnet will take over, easily snapping the lid into place. Pretty neat trick!

The color is a fresh, natural, semi-sheer mid-pink -

Here is what it looks swatched and on the lips:

The color is more subtle than I usually wear but still pretty and the formula is exceptional, probably the best I've encountered in a lipstick. It lasts seven (!!!) hours on me, surviving even through my morning green tea and snack. Once on 507 feels slick and rich, neither tacky nor drying. One of my favorite aspects is that it is totally taste and scent free! I like a nicely scented lip product as much as the next gal, but I hate when I feel like the company's aim is to strangle me with the strength of a thousand rose petals (I'm lookin' at you, Chanel!).

Overall a massive hit from Armani, and the price is fair for a luxury brand. I can't wait to check out more of these!

*Not really.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencils - Miami Pink, Gorgeous Peach, Fuchsia Fever, Coral Glow - Review + Swatches

During one of my daily (kidding! My "problem" isn't yet quite at that point; more like monthly, as the nearest store is a bit out of my way) visits to Sephora, I grabbed a couple of their (relatively) new Sephora Collection Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencils in Miami Pink, Gorgeous Peach, Fuchsia Fever, and Coral Glow ($12 each).

I usually stay way from the store's home brand for several reasons: poor reviews, frequent sales (there must be a reason why these products are often discounted, whereas tried-and-true brands like Nars, MUFE, etc., never are..), and a less than impressive experience with their eyeshadows a while back.

That day, however, I must have been in a particularly optimistic mood as I couldn't resist these chunky, shimmery lipstick pencils!

So was this another face-palming, regretful "what was I thinking?" purchase, to be thrown haphazardly into my give-away pile, never to be spared a second thought?

Surprisingly, no! I J'ADORE these little gems! The colors are vibrant and opaque and glide on like buttah while still being tough enough not to soften and crumble. The texture is very much lipstick-like once on, and wear time is about five hours for me.

(Top to Bottom: Gorgeous Peach, Coral Glow, Fuchsia Fever, Miami Pink)

Gorgeous Peach is a pretty, soft, peachy-pink shimmer, a great everyday color -

Coral Glow is... well, a bright coral :P -

Fuchsia Fever is a GORGEOUS deep fuschia with HOT silver microglitter!

Miami Pink is a very soft, light pink -

The negatives are the typical you would expect with this kind of packaging - sharpening the tip loses a good bit of product, and I would have preferred a twist-up a la Tarte's stains. However, the price is nearly a steal considering the shop, and I still think these Vinyl Lip Pencils are a great deal.

(Top to Bottom: Fuchsia Fever, Coral Glow, Miami Pink, Gorgeous Peach)

My Grade: A-

Have you been or will you be investing in one or eight of these Sephora lipsticks?