Friday, August 12, 2011

Inglot - Eyeshadow Brights, Part 2 - Photos + Swatches

Happy Friday! I don't have much time but I did want to share with you some quick drive-by eyeshadow swatches! This is the vibrant, flamboyant half of my Inglot collection, and definitely the palette I reach for more often.  You can see my Inglot neutral swatches and review here!

So bright and cheerful, yay!

Row 1 -

L to R: 474 DS, 403 Pearl, 16 AMC Shine, 477 DS, 17 AMC Shine

L to R: 372 Matte, 504 DS, 371 Matte, 50 AMC Shine, 483 DS

L to R: 351 Matte, 29 AMC Shine, 362 Matte, 48 AMC Shine, 30 AMC Shine

L to R: 66 AMC, 441 Pearl, 420 Pearl, 40 AMC Shine

Some beautiful colors here, no? I won't go into the quality of the shadows (you can read a more thorough review here), but you should be aware that Inglot is pretty darn awesome :P

My favorites are 362 Matte (So pigmented! So rich! Sensational matte hot pink!), 48 AMC Shine, 371 Matte, and 50 AMC Shine, though each shade is special and unique in its own wonderful way!

The only problem children were 372 Matte and 66 AMC - both were streaky and uneven, with 372 being the better of the two.  66, I'm sad to say, is a complete, irredeemable dud - very rare for Inglot products, in my experience.

I HIGHLY recommend checking these out if you have the opportunity. What do you think of Inglot makeup?

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