Monday, August 29, 2011

GOSH and OH MY GOSH Nail Lacquer in Pool Party, Bottle Green, & Gasoline - Swatches, Review

As mentioned previously I just returned from visiting family, and it was lovely as I only get to see them every several years. It was too hectic a trip to deem a vacation, but I did find a few moments of reflective peace -


Now! Getting back to the "makeup" aspect of this makeup blog -- I happened upon a 30% off GOSH sale at Vita, a local cosmetic store chain.

I immediately took advantage, but was (luckily?) limited in my spending by a regretfully picked-through selection. Of my haul I did take home three GOSH nail polishes - Bottle Green and Gasoline (which are "minis" labeled as OH MY GOSH) and a full-sized Pool Party. Rather perplexingly the regular price of the full size, which is 0.3 fl. oz., is 60kr (~$12), while the minis, clocking in only slightly smaller at 0.2 fl. oz., are 25kr (~$5). Still, the shades were too fun to pass up!

L to R: Gasoline, Bottle Green, Pool Party

Here we go! First is Pool Party, a pretty medium blue cream with a hint of teal-

So glossy! The formula is on the thick side but pretty great regardless; if you're in a pickle you could get away with one coat, though I used two. On the nail the polish is a shade darker than in the bottle. As the last days of summer pass us by I am glad that, despite the name, Pool Party is actually a nice, dark-ish blue color for autumn.

Here is Bottle Green -

A fantastic dusty metallic emerald with silver microglitter!

Looks a bit different in each photo, no? I love this color too, and it's another potential one coater (though two coats are pictured above). Again, this has a thicker formula but is top notch nonetheless.

Finally, Gasoline, a mesmerizing warm purple with densely packed with holographic microglitter!

I think this is my favorite! The lacquer is a bit thin, requiring at least two coats (I used three). Simply gorgeous!

What do you think? Are you as infatuated as I am? :D

GOSH offers some vibrant and refreshing color selections, and the polishes don't disappoint! All three polishes are good quality and I don't regret my purchase -- now I only wish they were more readily available stateside!


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