Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencils - Miami Pink, Gorgeous Peach, Fuchsia Fever, Coral Glow - Review + Swatches

During one of my daily (kidding! My "problem" isn't yet quite at that point; more like monthly, as the nearest store is a bit out of my way) visits to Sephora, I grabbed a couple of their (relatively) new Sephora Collection Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencils in Miami Pink, Gorgeous Peach, Fuchsia Fever, and Coral Glow ($12 each).

I usually stay way from the store's home brand for several reasons: poor reviews, frequent sales (there must be a reason why these products are often discounted, whereas tried-and-true brands like Nars, MUFE, etc., never are..), and a less than impressive experience with their eyeshadows a while back.

That day, however, I must have been in a particularly optimistic mood as I couldn't resist these chunky, shimmery lipstick pencils!

So was this another face-palming, regretful "what was I thinking?" purchase, to be thrown haphazardly into my give-away pile, never to be spared a second thought?

Surprisingly, no! I J'ADORE these little gems! The colors are vibrant and opaque and glide on like buttah while still being tough enough not to soften and crumble. The texture is very much lipstick-like once on, and wear time is about five hours for me.

(Top to Bottom: Gorgeous Peach, Coral Glow, Fuchsia Fever, Miami Pink)

Gorgeous Peach is a pretty, soft, peachy-pink shimmer, a great everyday color -

Coral Glow is... well, a bright coral :P -

Fuchsia Fever is a GORGEOUS deep fuschia with HOT silver microglitter!

Miami Pink is a very soft, light pink -

The negatives are the typical you would expect with this kind of packaging - sharpening the tip loses a good bit of product, and I would have preferred a twist-up a la Tarte's stains. However, the price is nearly a steal considering the shop, and I still think these Vinyl Lip Pencils are a great deal.

(Top to Bottom: Fuchsia Fever, Coral Glow, Miami Pink, Gorgeous Peach)

My Grade: A-

Have you been or will you be investing in one or eight of these Sephora lipsticks?

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  1. What is the glitter like on these? Does it feel smooth, or gritty? I also tend to stay away from house brands, but cheaper options are always nice. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives to NARS lip pencils, also look into the Milani Lip Flash. Keep up the good work!
    - Nalina