Friday, August 17, 2012

Nicole by OPI I Love You Cherry Much - Photos, Review, Swatches

Today I have an oldie(ish) but goodie, one of my very very favorite reds - Nicole by OPI I Love You Cherry Much! This is a Target exclusive. It's a bright red shimmer (with large shimmer, if that makes sense?) that reminds me of cherry candy. It also freaks my camera out so that I can't focus to get very good photos, boo.

Formula is smooth and perfect, and truly this is a lovely polish. Props to Nicole by OPI for making a red that I actually find interesting enough to wear regularly :D! I believe lacquer is from the Fall 2011, but is still available. It's worth checking out, even for you non-traditional polish lovers -this color has a kick to it. Definitely not your grandmother's red (unless your grandma is Grandma Opal from 'Doug' - my favorite childhood show! ;).

Monday, August 13, 2012

365 Days of Color Polish in Summer Dream, Cotton Candy - Swatches, Review, Photos

Two more lovely indie polishes! These are from 365 Days of Color and, to the surprise of absolutely no one, I love them!

This is Cotton Candy, an adorable white creme with sparse hexagonal blue and pink glitters:

Isn't this super fun? I think I may not have shaken the bottle well enough; other swatches I've seen contain slightly more glitter, but I love this nonetheless. The white is rich, creamy, and non-streaky. Fabulous formula and application.

This is Summer Dream, an aqua blue jelly with a cacophony of glitter:

Once again, gorgeous. So great for summer! The colorful glitter works well with the understated light blue base. Both of these are so spectacular, I can't wait to try more 365 Days of Color polishes!

These are available here!

What do you think?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Julep Nail Polishes in Lauren, Claire - Swatches, Review, Photos

Two Julep polishes today! I've been collecting these from the awesome monthly Julep Maven box (seriously - which other subscription service allows you to change the items assigned to you, skip months without penalty, and add items at a discounted price?), but have kept them sadly underused. That doesn't make them any less lovely, however!

Lauren, a bright pink fuchsia with a semi-matte/rubbery finish:

Claire, a creamy and bright sky blue:

The formula on both of these is smooth and even. Great, vibrant colors, and I love the finish on Lauren! The bottle is a bit awkward, though; I keep thinking I'm going to knock it over!

Julep nail polishes are available at Sephora and at for $14 each.