Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume Roll-On - Review + Photos

Whenever I shop in a department or beauty store, I always spend a few minutes exploring the inviting, exotic wafts emanating from perfume area - I can never resist the lovely, varied scents resting in equally beautiful and creative bottles, just waiting to be liberated from the prison that is a tiny and confined fragrance section.

I adore perfume - there's something romantic and seductive about spritzing yourself with your favorite scent before a evening at the theatre, prior to a dinner date, or just as you step out for a night on the town. Unfortunately for me, I don't get to indulge my olfactory sense on a daily basis; my workplace is SUPER casual (heck, I'm in stretchy pants half the time) and my job is oftentimes the exact opposite of glamorous (...unglamorous, maybe? 8D). Coco Mademoiselle would very much be out of place next to my faded hoodie and hair still wet from my morning shower! Still, lack of opportunity for wear doesn't stop me from sniffing as many samples as I can get my hands on, and starting a small collection of Eau de Parfums that will probably take me a lifetime to use up.

The latest addition to my merry menagerie is Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume Roll-On ($12).

I don't recall what propelled me to purchase this sight unseen and, quite literally, scent unsmelled (perhaps to fill my price quota for free shipping), but I don't regret that I did! Tuscan Blood Orange is a light, refreshing scent, not overpowering and perfect for summer. It's also playful enough for me to wear to work!

Upon initial application I got a strong tinge of bitter, citrusy grapefruit - crisp and not too sweet. Lovely! I would have preferred for the scent to stay this way; I dislike perfumes that are too feminine or floral, often opting for ones that are strong, clean, and verging on unisex. Somewhat disappointedly, though, Pacifica's TBO dries down to a fresh, sweet orange tone. It's still very nice, especially if your nose craves more sugary smells, but the initial grapefruit was just so perfect.

Nevertheless, Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange is a solid buy - the price isn't overwhelming and I think the scent will appeal to a wide range of people. I also have to note the convenience of a rollerball applicator - safe for handbags and always available for emergencies! ;)

My Grade: B


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