Sunday, August 7, 2011

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Watermelon, Posy - Review + Swatches

Goodness I'm SUCH a sucker for these Friends/Family sales, buying things that I don't need and wouldn't even *consider* buying full-price. But it's on sale! It's a great deal! I'm saving sooo much money! It might never, ever be on sale again and if I don't buy it right. now. I will regret it forever and ever until the day I die! D: D: D: 


The latest additions to my happy family of beauty products are these three lipstuffs I acquired from the Elizabeth Arden F&F extravaganza.

From top, clockwise - High Shine Lipgloss in Berrylicious ($15), Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Watermelon ($22.50), Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Posy

(Random question: Is the EA logo supposed to be a paneled door?? Weird, I never really noticed before!)

The lipstick packaging is gold-colored, vintage-looking (in this case, a delicate way of saying.. "dated") and weighty. One curious trait is that you need either a jackhammer or the strength of a small bull to force the top off - it's quite sturdy and secure; No accidental lipstick stains in your handbag from the cap slipping off, that's for sure! (Yay unintentional rhyme!) Once it's on, it's ON.

Watermelon left, Posy right

Posy, a soft and lightly-shimmered baby pink -

Watermelon, a bright pink raspberry -

This is my first experience with Elizabeth Arden, and I think the reason I stayed away from the brand this long is because I always associated it with older, more mature women - the antiquated product packaging and design does nothing to alter this notion, but the lipstick definitely does! Look how glossy and slick the finish is! Both Posy and Watermelon refuse to dry down (and their stubbornness in this regard is very much welcome!), providing a wet sheen of shine for the duration of its wear (in my case, about five hours). The formula is smooth and refreshing, and I'm quite please with the shades I chose. I wasn't expecting to like Posy as much as I do, but it's a great work-safe basic - a light beigy-pink neutral, Posy tones down the lips while still giving them a wash of color and sparkle.

Watermelon doesn't remind me much of its fruity namesake (one of my favorites, especially during the long, lazy days of summer!), but the color is still vibrant and pretty darn awesome. I think this absolutely can be an everyday color; it's not too obnoxious for the stricter work environment but doesn't sacrifice brightness and interest for appropriateness. I'm hopelessly in love <3 This lipstick is very much a keeper... :)

In summary -

Love the finish, love the shades (fun and pigmented, not at all "old"), and the price is fair for what I consider a mid-luxury brand. The only slight downside it that I wish the tubes were easier to open so that I didn't feel like I might decapitate the lipstick if I had accidentally left it screwed up.

My Grade: A-

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