Sunday, April 28, 2013

Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick in Rose Dressing, Fuchsia Irresistible - Review, Photos, Swatches

Confession: In a bout of complete and utter shallowness, I admit that I was first drawn to these Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks based solely on looks; I can't resist sleek, cool, edgy packaging, and this fusion of metal and leather certainly fits the bill! Further encouraged by Sephora's Chic Week sale, I purchased two of these beauties sight unseen. They were pricey, but I was fairly confident that the quality would be ace based on my previous Givenchy experiences. Luckily, I wasn't disappointed!

Here's the beautiful packaging (I love the stud detail as well!)-

Here is Fuchsia Irresistible, a fairly true fuchsia -

Rose Dressing, a muted, muddy rose coral -

The formula on these is so, so nice; they feel soft and rich and quite hydrating. The intense pigmentation packs a punch as well. The scent is kind of odd, and I think part of it has to do with the packaging - it is a combination of light but sophisticated vanilla (darker and spicier vanilla than, say, Mac's standard scent) and leather. Again, I think that's from the materials used in the outer lipstick cover and it's perfectly fine for my nose, but it may be off-putting for some.

Anyway, great product overall! I've also spotted these lipsticks in white leather for summer - neat!

Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick may be purchased at Sephora for $36 each.

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    They both looking amazing, but rose dressing is definitely my favorite!

    1. Thanks! To be honest I was more excited about the packaging than the colors ;) But they ARE lovely!

    2. Oh yea that packaging... I was in Sephora the other day and had a feel for one of these, man oh man, it felt so luxurious and expensive!

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