Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Covergirl Lip Perfection Photos + Swatches - Delish, Kiss, Sultry, Eternal

Now that I'm over my Monday Blues, it's time for a few more Covergirl Lip Perfection swatches! I got these only because they were on sale at my local grocery store ;) I am assured from experience that the formula is solid; I can rely on these lipsticks to provide long-lasting coverage and a decent dose of moisture!

For more swatches and a detailed review, click here!

First, Delish -

It's a milky latte neutral, but a little warm for me. Still a nice nude!

Kiss -

Light, frosty peachy-pink. Lovely, subtle, everyday shade.

Sultry -

A muddier, darker, and slightly mauve-ier version of Delish.

I've saved the best for last - Eternal!
I didn't expect to fall for this as hard as I did but it's definitely true love! Ah-ma-a-aaaaazing! This is a color I like to describe as a Moulin Rouge red - vibrant and sensual with a touch of raspberry. Makes me want to put on my black opera gloves, corset and fishnets, and belt out "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" (in the privacy of my own home, of course - not looking to permanently blow out some poor soul's eardrums with my, er, loose interpretation of the melody 8D). 

All together now -

L to R - Delish, Kiss, Sultry, Eternal

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