Monday, September 5, 2011

Sally Girl Eye Shadow Connecting Compacts - Swatches Part 2

There are so many things I want to show you (all three of you, hah! 8D), but so little time!

Here is the second part of my Sally Girl Eye Shadow collection. As it turned out, quite accidentally on my part, this portion represents the weaker offering.

Copper is a, well, copper -

Champagne, a light champagne shimmer with a hint of pink -

Cream Cocoa, a very light beige shimmer -

Blue Marine, a sea blue with gold shimmer (looks gorgeous, no?!) -

Gun Metal, an off-white shimmer -

Fairy Pink, a very light pink shimmer -

Platinum, a light silver shimmer -

Navy, a navy with silver microglitter -

Swatches -

L to R - Copper, Champagne, Cream Cocoa, Blue Marine

L to R - Gun Metal, Fairy Pink, Platinum, Navy

The standout here is Copper - pretty shade, great pigmentation, smooth, soft texture. After how beautiful Blue Marine looks in the pan, it's a shame that the color payoff is so poor and that the application is woefully patchy. Definitely a huge dud! The light shades (Champagne, Cream Cocoa, Gun Metal, Fairy Pink, and Platinum) I would categorize as 'fair'. The color is faint, which may be the point; however, I would have preferred them to be a little more generous with their pigment.

There you have it - all of my Sally Girl Eyeshadows swatched, photographed, and catalogued! :)

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    Too bad this brand is not available in Italy and I'm not a big fan of online shopping!