Thursday, September 15, 2011

Orly Birds of a Feather Nite Owl, Sea Gurl, Fowl Play, Lucky Duck - Review, Swatches, + Photos

I LOVE BIRDS. ...In theory. They are graceful, majestic, beautiful creatures (in theory) who have mastered the one skill man never will - flying. In practice, however, I carefully sidestep the pigeons outside the train station praying that one doesn't brush his dirty, germy self against my leg, and I habitually curse the foul fowl who inconsiderately leave their droppings on my windshield.

What I love in both theory and practice? Orly's new Birds of a Feather collection! The rich coloring of exotic birds is both a popular and effective source of inspiration for all sorts of artists and Orly transformed that vision into a very, very cool, sleek fall collection.

Let's get straight to it, shall we?

The new collection, out now, contains six colors - Peachy Parrot, Fowl Play, Nite Owl, Sea Gurl, Lucky Duck, and Sweet Peacock. I picked up four.

First, Nite Owl!

Don't know was possessed me to get this one. I'm not usually a big fan of nudes/beiges - the ones I've come across have been dull, boring, and simply not my style. I suppose I figured I should round out my collection, but... I'm so pleased I bought it! I love Nite Owl! The shimmer is magnificent, keeping the lacquer exciting and unique and very now. This Bird is definitely no Plain Jane! 

Sea Gurl -

Though I don't have it on hand at the moment, Sea Gurl seems Chanel Graphite's warmer, darker cousin.  A super shimmery brown-gray. This one's pretty ok... If I were to rank all the nail lacquers in the world Sea Gurl would certainly be far above average but considering the awesome quality of this collection, I'm not over the moon about this color (still nice, though!).

Fowl Play -

Ugh, I took sooo many photos of this and I still can't quite capture the absolute eminence of this polish! Glorious! A deep warm purple jelly base with holographic microglitter and larger red glitter chunks. Beautiful! A must-have, in my book.

Lucky Duck -

Really great shade - a dusty felt green. This is the only creme of the collection. Very much a ducky color, and lovely.

The formula on all of these is spectacular, buttery and smooth. Two coats will give complete, streak-free, opaque coverage, though I used three with Fowl Play. I haven't worn these for very long but I usually get about a week of wear from Orly. In case you haven't gotten the hint I positively j'adore this line - Birds of a Feather contains just the right shades for autumn, the formula is fabulous, and the colors are unique and different from what I've seen in many other brands' fall offerings. 

Are you planning to snag any of these? (I'm contemplating adding Sweet Peacock to my stash...)


  1. Thanks for sharing! Nite Owl was a colour that I never paid much attention to (because I'm usually into vibrant hues). Your swatches made me reconsider. :)

    And Fowl Play is definitely a gorgeous polish! I have OPI Merry Midnight, which is a dupe, so I may not pick up Fowl Play unless I decide to have a back-up.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I didn't realize Fowl Play was a dupe! I kind of hate when companies copy from each other... :/

  3. Orly's catalog photo makes Lucky Duck look kind of hunter green. On my hands, it looks a little like a dup for OPIs Jade is the new Black.