Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Attack of the BB Couture Nail Polishes! - Dragon's Breath, Enraged, Envy, Napa Valley Red, Santa's Sak Photos, Review, Swatches

Today I've got a post brimming with BB Couture! This is a fairly new brand to me but is quickly becoming one of my favorites for its reliability, quality, and color selection. Here is a portion of my relatively small (...for now...) BB collection; I'm heavy-handed on the dark, brooding shades, as that is what the recent turn of cold weather has left me in the mood for. 

First is Dragon's Breath, a gorgeous reddened purple jelly with silver glitter -

Enraged. With flash it's a cool navy blue shimmer but in natural light it is more of a smoky slate, flashing green in some angles. The shimmer is multi-sized and flaky! I'm smitten with this lacquer - beautiful AND flattering!

Envy, a brown/taupe/forest green shimmer -

Napa Valley Red is a vampy ruby-wine jelly. The best part, though? The glowing glitters deep in the polish's base which catch the light like a dim, dying, embers. I can't imagine any woman disliking this color; it is a sexy variation on a classic.

Santa's Sak (...yeah). Despite the rather unfortunate moniker, this shade is fun, seasonal, and fairly unique to my stash. It is a candy apple red jelly with quite sparse silver round and bar glitter particles.

I found that the 'jelly' bases (Dragon's Breath, Napa Valley Red, Santa's Sak) were fairly watery and took three thin coats to yield full opacity; that's perfectly reasonable, though the shimmers needed just two coats. In general, the formulas on the BB Couture polishes I have tried are on the thin side and a bit more drippy than I would like, but that's mostly a matter of preference and something easily overcome simply by being careful. Longevity, at about six days with no chipping and minimal wear, is average for me. What keeps me coming back to BB, however, is the interesting shade selection, mostly off the beaten path for larger nail brands. I truly love every polish I have purchased from this company. You can find them on the BB Couture site for $9.95 each.

Have you tried BB Couture? How do you like it?


  1. Wow each color looks amazing on your nails! For sure, it's cold and it's got me wearing the darker the better. What do you think of her greens?