Friday, March 8, 2013

Revlon Nail Polish in Girly, Heavenly - Swatches, Photos, Review

Still reeling and recovering and rebalancing from vacation, but trying very hard to slip back into the blogging routine (Blogger Act II: Back in the Habit? 8D).

I have surprisingly few Revlon polishes, but when I saw the new display I decided to pick up these two beauties -

L to R: Heavenly, Girly
Girly is a bubblegum pink with blue, purple, silver, and holographic hex glitter (two coats):

 Heavenly is a clear topcoat with translucent square and hex glitter. Shown is one coat over Zoya Wednesday:

These two lacquers are a fun departure from Revlon's usual classic hues, and I'm glad to see them diversifying their collection. Girly's texture is a bit thick and it dries gritty, requiring a generous layer of topcoat, but it's very much workable. Heavenly is pretty solid; the glitter density is neither too heavy or too light, and the particles disperse evenly. Not bad for one of Revlon's first outings into the wonderful world of unique glitters and colors!

Girly and Heavenly are available in many drugstores for about $4.99 each, and also online at

Bonus - I'm so pleased with my vacation that I can't help siccing photos on unsuspecting bystanders whenever I get half the chance. It's my equivalent of sitting guests down for a slideshow ;) Anyway, here you go, enjoy (or.. something 8D), and thanks for reading, following, and commenting!!

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Monkeh! :D


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