Monday, March 11, 2013

Disney Jasmine by Sephora Magic Carpet Ride Palette - Review, Photos, Swatches

Truth: Aladdin was my favorite Disney movie as a child! (Sword in the Stone was a close second, it must be said.) I was never a huge fan of the iconic princess trifecta (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella) as they were a bit too frilly for me, but was drawn to Aladdin for its music, entertainment value, exotic setting, and fun plot. I wanted to live in the Arabic country the story took place; I wanted my very own Aladdin to sweep me off my feet; I wanted Jasmine's outfit and her pretty, long hairstyle (never happening, with my fine, naturally blonde hair!); I wanted a well-mannered pet tiger and kleptomaniac monkey; I wanted a singing Robin Williams to follow me around in my daily life, cracking jokes. 

Considering this, imagine my nostalgic delight when I read the Sephora Beauty Insider email about their Disney Jasmine collection release! Ultimately I purchased a couple of carefully selected pieces. One is the Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette:

L to R, Top to Bottom: Carpet, Wonder by Wonder, Splendid, Diamond Sky
Beautiful, fitting packaging. Carpet is a rosy taupe shimmer; Wonder by Wonder is a deep matte burgundy purple with glitter; Splendid is an orange peach shimmer; Diamond Sky is a turquoise shimmer.

Overall, quite a nice little set. A surprising favorite was Carpet - such a flattering, interesting neutral that has gotten the most wear from me thus far. Wonder by Wonder is, however, the problem child - it's patchy and sheer, and took about 5-6 coats to build up to what you see in the photos. It's a shame, as I really enjoy how this hue relates to the palette's color story. Splendid and Diamond Sky were of good quality as well, similar to Carpet.

This Jasmine quad retails for $30 and may be purchased from Sephora stores and online.

I'm loving Sephora's Disney collaboration and can't wait to see what else they dream up! What do you think? Have you purchased anything from either the Jasmine or Cinderella collection?


  1. Wonder by Wonder looks pretty good ;) Too bad they are shimmery, I don't usually wear shimmery shadows but someday I should give them a try ;)

    1. Thanks for the comment! :) You should give it a go, you might like it more than you think!

  2. The swatches all look so lovely!

  3. Gorgeous palette! I love teal & gold shades especially.