Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Fiver, Kerfuffle - Review, Photos, Swatches

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I'm a big fan of Butter London, with their lovely shades and quirky lacquer sobriquets and, of course, stellar quality. I recently spotted these, which I don't recall seeing before, so I snapped them up! I think they're new? New-ish? (Or, I'm simply out of the loop!)

Anyway, here are Fiver (left), and Kerfuffle. Incidentally, 'kerfuffle' is one of my favorite words ever so I would have gotten this polish regardless of the color :)

Here's Fiver, a pale mint creme with a touch of blue (three coats):

This is Kerfuffle, a light coral/salmon creme (the color reminds me of an orange creamsicle!). This was three coats, but two would have been satisfactory:

Both Fiver and Kerfuffle are lovely and romantic, perfect for spring! I wouldn't exactly characterize Kerfuffle as a pastel, either, so if that's something you don't normally wear but still want the fresh look, you might do well to have a go with this lacquer. The formula is smooth and easy to work with; I used three thin coats in my swatches for both shades, but I suspect you can get away with two medium ones. Both Fiver and Kerfuffle dry to what I would call a semi-matte finish (Fiver more so than Kerfuffle), and I think you can tell from the photos that they are not entirely glossy. Of course, a top coat remedies this. Overall, a great spring showing from Butter London! I see myself rocking Kerfuffle for many a summer pedicure ;)

Butter London colors retail for $14-15 each and may be purchased at Ulta, Zappos, and the Butter London site (among other retailers).

What do you think? Have you transitioned over to the softer spring/summer shades yet?

Wishing a wonderful Passover, the everyone that celebrates! Thanks for reading!

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