Monday, March 25, 2013

Cakestyle Fashion Subscription Box - Review & Photos

For something a little different but still in keeping with my subscription box craze, I have for you a review of my recent experiences with Cakestyle! For those who haven't heard of this company yet, Cakestyle pairs clients with an online stylist. Clients fill out a style questionnaire (questions ask, among other things, about your typical daily outfit, clothing styles you stay away from, and your current favorite brands) as well as a detailed survey of sizes and measurements. Following this, your stylist pulls items of clothing and jewelry she thinks you would enjoy and ships them to your address. You have 10 days from delivery to try on the clothes and send back what you don't want. I'm not sure what the penalty is for not sending the box back within the 10 days, but the shipping manifest states that the client will be charged for the full box if it is not received within 30 days (eek!). What you keep is tracked so that your stylist may be better discern your style. Shipping is free and a return label is included. 

My stylist is Kait Hunter. I got an email from her right after I submitted my box request, and it seemed she was open to answering questions, addressing concerns, or just chatting about fashion (I feel I was quite detailed in my initial questionnaire, so I never contacted her further). About 2.5 weeks later I received a message from Kait that she was about to start pulling items for my box (this is within the timeframe mentioned at the time of my box request) and she wanted to double-check my measurements, which I appreciated. Because I'm fairly close to their brick-and-mortar, I got the box the next day! (Note: a signature is required upon delivery). Besides the style pieces, I got instructions for return, a return label, a thank-you note, and a detailed invoice of all items included. I also got a card with a personalized link to a video with styling suggestions for the specific items in my box, but for whatever reason this link was, and still is, broken. Hrm.

Anyway, this is the box I received -

Everything is well-packed and more or less segregated by outfit -

And now, the exciting part - the contents of my box!!
 Alexis Skirt by Elie Tahari ($248). Very cute! I love the heavy, rich fabric and the colors in the weave. I really like this piece, but ultimately have to consider budget and the fact that I fairly rarely wear skirts. I'm definitely tempted to keep this, though!

Sloane Crew by Equipment ($268). This sweater is super soft and warm, and goes spectacularly well with the Catherine Malandrino pants below. It's a little big and a tad baggy, though, and with all the lovely items I received that's enough to relegate it to the 'send back' pile.

Catherine Malandrino Favorite Skinny pant ($195), and my dog casting a curious eye on the proceedings ;) I LOVE these! The length and shape is perfect on me! These are keepers.

Trina Turk Zantop Pant ($284), Patterson J. Kincaid Rickey Leather Vest ($304), and Tees by Tina Solid Smooth Thin Strap Cami ($30). The fit on the pants is pretty perfect! The qualm I have is with the fabric, however; not a big fan of the polyester/acetate blend. 

The vest is very nice and I love the loose, drape-y fit. I don't know that I'd wear this piece enough to justify purchasing it, though. 

The black cami is classic and fits quite well. My instinct was to keep this, especially because of the price, but do I need another black cami? I think I'd rather put the $30 towards a more unique piece.

 Patterson J. Kincaid Jardin Tank ($172). I don't wear patterns really, but this is interesting and abstract enough that I actually do like it. I tried this top on with jeans and the leather vest from above, and I preferred that look to the black cami (which was lost with the black vest). So will I keep this? Hm, probably not - it's just a smidgen too delicate and feminine for me ;)

 J Brand Mid Rise Slim Boot jeans ($202). Wah, the fit at the waist and bum is so, so PERFECT!!! I love how I look in these jeans! There's only one problem - they're about 7-8" too long for my 5'2" frame 8D I'd hem them, but I just don't know if I want to take that risk on such an expensive pair in case the shape is lost. I'm torn :/

 Nordstrom Signature Blouse (on sale for $174.40). This was the only dud in terms of style. To me this reads as something for an older woman, which is fine, but isn't something I'd ever wear. Return!

 Trina Turk Crew Jumper Dress ($294). This is something I would probably never pick if I saw it in a store, but once I tried it on I was in love. It provides shape in all the right places and is overall a very fun design, perfect for spring and summer. I have some tough choices to make!

 Chaiken Mesh Mix Sweater ($285). This is so me and the exact sort of thing I wear. Love love love. I may ask for a smaller size, though, as it's a little more baggy than I like.

 Boundary & Co Darby dress ($232). Ugh, so. Much. Love. Love this so, so much! I love the mix of black and white, I love the mix of silk and leather, and I love how this dress looks utilitarian but still beautiful. These are exactly the type of clothes I like to wear! I was dubious about the waist, but it actually looks nice on me. Overall, gorgeous and almost a definite keeper. BUT WAIT. Here's the money shot -
Beautiful leather weave at the back hsiehq98544uishflkdjahl. LOVELOVELOVE <3

Onto the jewelry! Each piece comes in a separate velvet pouch - 

 Two pyramid bracelets by Cara ($32 and $28). I really like both of these together! I'd buy either both or none, and I don't know that I want them enough to spend the $60...

 Cara Stud earrings ($34). Again, this is exactly my style! Very elegant and expensive-looking. However, I have really sensitive ears and usually have to stick with silver and gold backings. I think I want to take a chance with these, and if they bother my ear, it looks fairly easy to replace the posts.

 Cara Courtney Necklace ($78). Love the mix of gold and neon lime. Don't know that I'd wear this all that often, especially since the length and dangly-ness proves a health hazard at my work.

Fox Traders Janice Stone Earrings ($36). Pretty, but not really my thing.

Aside from a couple of pieces I think my fashion consultant, Kait, got my style bang on! It was a lot of fun to get a mystery box of clothing and accessories, and I'm happy to have been introduced to a couple of brands I was previously unaware of but are now firmly on my radar (Chaiken, Boundary & Co, Cara). I would not have picked some of these pieces myself, so I was pleasantly surprised that some actually suited me.

The total value of my box was $2896.40. Cakestyle offer a 10% discount if you purchase your entire box.

Do I recommend Cakestyle? Sure! It's free unless you keep something so there's nothing to lose, really! You can find more info at the Cakestyle site.

I ended up keeping the Catherine Malandrino pant, Boundary & Co dress, and Cara ball stud earrings. :)

What do you think? Have you tried Cakestyle?


  1. Woah... very interesting idea, however, very very expensive! I guess the sub. service has a higher-end target audience.

    1. Hi Jasmine, I totally hear ya! I wish there was a cheaper alternative as well, and I did write to my stylist to include cheaper options in my next box. I doubt a service like this using exclusively low-price clothing (say, under $50) would succeed, as a business model, with the salary they have to pay stylists. But it is a fun idea and I'm glad I tried this out!

    2. there are cheaper and great alternatives and Try Stitch Fix

    3. Thanks for the suggestions, Jessica! I'll definitely check those out.

  2. Wow that's a lot of clothes! and I agree with jasmine, it's too bad there's not a cheaper alternative

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lauren! Jessica provided some cheaper alternatives in her comment - may be worth checking out! :)

  3. I know this post is old, but if you are looking for a similar service to Cakestyle that is less expensive, (but more expensive and higher quality than Stitch Fix), check out Front Door Fashion.

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