Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye and Lip Quartet - Renaissance Faire

Local drugstore. Stumble upon sale - 40% off Wet n Wild! Exciting! Devolved to cavewoman! Want! Buybuybuy!

Actually, I'm not super keen on WnW - from previous experience it has been rather hit and miss, though I can't argue with the bargain price. I managed to pick out this enticing palette. I've never before seen it anywhere! (And here I thought I knew everything ;P )

The Coloricon Eye and Lip Quartet in Renaissance Faire features two eyeshadows and two lip glosses, with a net weight of 0.23 oz. The shadows are decadent and luxe, transporting me to a flourishing 16th century Florence... A magnificent royal ball where the richly-dressed, long-tressed Duchess gazes seductively at the Prince from beneath a veil of sultry lashes while the Duke, her husband, sips dangerous wine from a bejeweled gold chalice she had oh-so-causally poisoned just a moment ago...  (Maybe it's just me :D )

The lip glosses bring me hurtling back to reality. For the era WnW was going for I imagine deep plums and scandalous burgundies, but I got a sweet candy pink and a sparkly silver. Bummer! I don't have a review for these, and I doubt I'll ever wear them. For thoroughness' sake, however, I included swatches.

Now for the eyeshadows - on the left we have a royal purple shimmer. It's quite decently pigmented, a beautiful color, and overall lovely! The second is a greenish-teal with microglitter. I imagined it would be  dense and heavy, but it's rather bright and cheerful. The pigmentation was sheerer than the purple and required several layers to achieve the result you see. One coat is nice for a subtle, dreamy wash of fairy-like color.

I wore these WnW side-by-side with MAC shades, and, with a primer, they lasted all day with no creasing or fading. Nice!

Last AND definitely least, the glosses -

The Coloricon Quartet palettes are available at drugstores and regularly priced at $3.99.


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