Monday, July 4, 2011

Revlon Scented Nail Enamel - Orange Fizz - Review + Swatches

Last week whilst perusing my local drugstore I came across the new collection of Revlon scented nail polishes. Unlike the previous set (which included Mad about Mango, Ocean, etc.), this one is filled with bright, glass-flecked semi-sheer shades with corresponding lip glosses. Though I passed on the glosses (the scents are too sweet and strong for my delicate schnoz to tolerate at such close range), I snagged Orange Fizz, a vibrant orange hue, as an introduction to the line.

How preeeetty and shiny, no? I love staring at how the sun catches and reflects the flecks at different angles 8D

Above three coats are pictured. Overall, a beautiful color, and it exceeded my expectations (I haven't had many positive experiences with Revlon enamels...). I'm on my fifth day of wear and not only do I not have chips yet (used Zoya Anchor as the base and the Posh topcoat), I also still faintly smell the mandarin scent. Yum!  My only qualm with this product was the sheerness - even with three coats I can still see my nail line. While not obvious, it is noticeable nonetheless and sparks a pang of mild annoyance in me when I look at my hand. Next time I will definitely use a base color to minimize the lack of opacity; no use getting myself worked up at something as silly as nail lacquer! :)

I was so pleased with the results of Orange Fizz that I ran out and collected several more colors in the collection: Grapefruit Fizz, Mint Fizz, Colada Fizz, Apple-tini Fizz, and Grape Fizz. I wouldn't have gone so buck wild if I hadn't spotted them on sale for $3.35. Score!

Look out for swatches of more of the Revlon scented polishes. Also, remember to enter my giveaway!


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