Saturday, July 9, 2011

Korres Raspberry Liquid Lipstick Trio Review + Swatches

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th, regardless of whether or not you celebrate American Independence Day! We spent a chill evening on the porch and gorged ourselves on delicious barbeque (this vegetarian definitely OD'd on grilled portobello - YUM!). Later the guys left for a nearby school lot and put on a pretty spectacular firework show. (Boys do love their explosives.)

As an afterthought during my last Sephora spree, I picked up the Korres Raspberry Liquid Lipstick Trio. Not only have I been pleased with my last Korres purchases, the price was very nearly a steal ($22 for three 0.12 oz tubes) and lately I've been on a binge for non-traditional lipsticks (pencils, liquids, lacquers, etc.).

((How simple and clean is the packaging? So refreshing!)) The three shades included in the set are Red 56, a true, bright red; Soft Pink 13, a medium mauve-ish pink; and Berry 28, a lovely raspberry.

Soft Pink 13 -

(The above photo makes 13 look like a shimmer; this, however, is visible neither in the bottle nor on the lip!)

Berry 28 -

Red 56 -

Do you see how shiny they are?? The glossiness lasts for about two hours on me before it starts to dull. In total, the color lasts about three hours - not impressively long, but, considering the gloss-like consistency, it's fair.

Going on the Korres liquid lipsticks are slick, smooth, pleasantly cooling, and are accompanied by a light, organic vanilla scent. Not overpowering, and should suit most gals. Though swatches were taken without lipliner, this didn't adversely affect any of the shades except 56 - After a few minutes, the red started to bleed noticeably past the lip line (you may have spotted it in the picture, taken just seconds after application). While it is convenient to forego the lipliner, the extra step is definitely not a deal-breaker; I love the texture, color, and finish of these lippies. Additionally, they somehow feel natural and like they are healthy and good for you (like an early morning run, or skipping that enticing piece of strawberry cake at a work party! ...Or not :P). Would I purchase a single tube for the regular price of $22? I'm not sure. However, if you wish to veer off the beaten path of customary lipsticks, these Korres liquids are worth a look!


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