Sunday, July 24, 2011

Attack of the Yellow Nail Polishes! Swatches Revlon Pineapple Fizz, WnW Wonder Yellows, Sinful Colors Pull Over & Let's Meet, CG Lighthouse, Misa Golden Tan, SOPI IM Beauty

Summer is the only time of year one can get away with wearing sizzling yellow and orange polishes, and I take full advantage! I've swatched some of my yellows:

1- Revlon Pineapple Fizz

I finally caved and bought Revlon's Pineapple Fizz to complete my collection, even though I can't stand the smell (reminiscent of sickly-sweet artificial coconut). However revolting the scent is to me, I can't deny the beauty of the color! It's a semi-sheer sunny yellow with flakes. (Check out swatches and a review of the rest of Revlon's "Fizz" collection here!)

2 - Wet n Wild The Wonder Yellows

(Silly name!) This is also a great medium yellow shade, but with shimmer. The formula is solid, opaque in three coats.

3 - Sinful Colors Pull Over

In terms of color, this is the PERFECT taxi-yellow creme for me and very complimentary to my skin tone (while shopping the other day a women came up to me to tell me how pretty Pull Over looked, and how it's the first time she saw a yellow look good on somebody. Totally made my day! :). I love it so much I'm even willing to overlook that the formula is a tad streaky and uneven. A nice, inexpensive little polish to satisfy nearly all of your yellow needs!

4 - China Glaze Lighthouse

Sooo sparkly, it nearly blew out my camera (hah!)! Lovely nonetheless, and the formula is exceptional (as China Glaze often is).

5 - Misa Golden Tan

Hm, this is an oddball! Reminds my of a light yellow-gold pearl. It's unique and unlike any other shade I own, though unfortunately it doesn't play well with my skin tone. Still, I can't bear to part with Misa's Golden Tan, due to its willingness to march to the beat of its own drum!

6 - Sinful Colors Let's Meet

A bright yellow with fine, fine glitter. The formula is pretty sheer (what you see below is three coats and the nail line is still visible) and somewhat streaky, but I do like the color and finish of this SC polish.

7 - Sephora by OPI IM Beauty

Finally we have Sephora by OPI's IM Beauty, a pastel-y banana creme. I confess I don't often reach for this buttercream as it reminds me a bit of Easter and spring, but some may like this soft yellow. The formula is decent albeit somewhat sheer, very few streaks in sight after three coats!

That concludes my "yellow" series! Do you like to wear yellow nail polish?

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PS - Have you ever stumbled across something you felt you should have already known? I recently learned that the largest Hindu temple (mandir) in the US is located just an hour or so outside the city in which I live and have lived all my life. We paid a visit today, and it was the wholly satisfying experience I hoped it would be; peaceful, beautiful, and intellectually enlightening. Not to mention, a staff enthusiastically willing to endure all my possibly ignorant questions :p There was also a little shop within the adjacent cultural center where I was able to purchase the most delicious kopra pak - yum!


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