Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cargo PlantLove Green Glamour Palette - Swatches, Review

At a recent sale, I picked up Cargo's PlantLove eyeshadow palette (regular price is $29 for 18 all-natural, eco-friendly shades).

After a particularly verbose entry, I will attempt to keep this review short 'n sweet! As the name suggests, this product is 100% natural and green, which is always a big plus.

The box keeps closed magnetically and seems to be made of glorified cardboard. A tad flimsy, but I've had no problems of it opening in my bag, etc. Here are photos -

The color variety is beautiful and contains a thoughtful mix of subtle neutrals and earthy greens/blues. Overall, quality of the shadows is fair; while many offer gorgeous, deep pigmentation and shimmer, a few duds prevent me from raving the HECK out of this palette.

First row: Swan (light beige matte), Sparrow (medium brown matte), Pelican (light gold shimmer), Finch (light taupe/gray shimmer), Iris (cool purple shimmer), Lily (light baby pink shimmer) 

Second row: Loon (olive-y brown glittery shimmer), Thyme (light greenish brown glittery shimmer), Ivy (light mossy green shimmer), Peacock (light blue/teal shimmer), Bamboo (brassy brown shimmer), Marigold (goldish beige glittery shimmer)

Third row: Parakeet (copper orange shimmer), Beech (peach shimmer), Willow (medium beige matte), Heron (icy blue shimmer), Blue Jay (blue shimmer), Dove (blue/slate shimmer)

The second row was a disappointment, considering the above-par quality of the first and third rows! Loon, Thyme, and Marigold had MAJOR fallout and trouble adhering without the assistance of a primer or base. Once I managed to get them to stick on my lids, they tended to fade within a few hours. Ivy and Peacock experienced no significant fallout, but were lighter on than in the pan and rather meagerly pigmented. Bamboo is a star, strong and beautiful, and unfit to be among such undeserving company - One of my favorites overall.

I had only minor issues with the first row and the third is absolutely, breathtakingly saturated.

Standouts: Pelican, Bamboo, Parakeet, Beech, Blue Jay, Dove

Great value for the price, and an especially enticing buy if you manage to catch it on a sale.

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  1. This is a great price for so many pretty shades!!

  2. Absolutely! I just wish the second row were better, but I guess beggars can't be choosers! :)