Friday, December 30, 2011

Nyx Round Lipstick in Very Berry, Pumpkin Pie, Fig, Saturn, Spellbound - Review, Swatches, Photos

How difficult is it to return to work after a few days off? Very. It's like my own personal law of inertia - once I'm motionless I want to remain motionless and sometimes I think it would have been, on the whole, more productive and restful not to have been on vacation at all! Hopefully this fog of inactivity that settled over my brain will dissipate soon with a bit of hardy mental exercise. Are any of you also in this dismal state of holiday hangover?

Onto beauty-related things... I believe I've waxed poetic over Nyx's Black Label lipsticks, but today I must remedy my inattention to the Round Case lipsticks of the same brand. These are a tad less expensive than the Black Labels ($3.99 each at Ulta, currently $2.50 at Cherry Culture; the Black Label line is about $3.00 more per lipstick) but are pretty neat all the same. I find them fairly neutral on the whole, neither drying nor moisturizing. The Rounds come in a plethora of colors (I counted 168 shades!) and finishes (your usual suspects: cremes, sheers, frosts, shimmers...). Yes, a few of these guys are patchy and/or short-wearing, but most I own possess a perfectly respectable texture, smooth and soft and easy to apply. Average lifespan, discounting the odd outlier, is 2.5-3.5 hours for me. You'll find you can find a color to suit nearly any look you are going for, apart from the most extreme, and you can be sure the quality is solid for a rather small investment; this line is great if you're unsure about what shade might work for you for a certain makeup and want to try a variety of options without a devastating financial commitment. 

Very Berry -

Pumpkin Pie -

Fig -

Saturn -

Spellbound -

L to R - Very Berry, Pumpkin Pie, Fig, Saturn, Spellbound

Hope you found this useful :) Have a very happy New Year's!

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  1. In my opinion all the lipsticks look great with your skin tone except for Very Berry :D