Saturday, December 17, 2011

L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Iced Latte, Bronzed Taupe, Midnight Blue, Eternal Black - Review, Swatches, Photos

Ok, guys. Are you ready? This may be my most favorite drugstore makeup purchase ever, and it comes courtesy of L'Oreal's new Infallible Eye Shadow which, as an eye product, is simply spectacular (spectacular, no words in the vernacular... *ahem*).

These darling little moppets come in sturdy, clear, plastic jars, a packaging which allows the color to be seen through the base. Upon unscrewing the lid, one is greeted by this -
Look familiar? The pot, the stopper... reminiscent of the Armani Eyes to Kill shadows, no? :D

Here's Iced Latte, a warm champagne -

This is Bronzed Taupe,  a shimmering cool brown -

Midnight Blue, a gorgeous, jeweled, dark blue shimmer -

And Eternal Black, a black with silver microglitter -

Swatches -
L to R: Iced Latte, Bronzed Taupe, Midnight Blue, Eternal Black

The question I want to address first is if L'Oreal's Infallible Eye Shadows meet the high standards set by Armani's Eyes to Kill Eye Shadows, and the short answer is a resounding YES! These are beautifully pigmented, opaque in one swipe, and are offered in a variety of pleasing colors. What impressed me most is Infallible's wear time: without primer, these lasted me all day without moving, creasing, or fading! Did I mention I used NO primer? One night I absent-mindedly forgot to remove product from one of my eyelids (yes, my brain sometimes goes on strike). The next morning, besides looking like a crazy person sporting some very special post-modern asymmetrical makeup, the eye looked great and I could not discern any differences in intensity or migration.

Where Infallible and EtK differ:
1. Price, of course. I saw Infallible for between $8 and $10, and you can often save a few bucks with coupons or sales. EtK will set you back $32.
2. Size. EtK contains slightly more product at 0.14 oz against Infallible's 0.12 oz.
3. The texture is a tad different - EtK is more creamy, rich, while Infallible's consistency morphs into that of a powdered pan eyeshadow soon after it leaves the jar. Both are velvety, soft, and smooth.
4. Color selection. Here I favor EtK's unique, interesting shades woven together with the complexity and artistry expected of a luxury brand like Armani. L'Oreal's shade selection is more conservative but still beautiful, offering classic staples of beiges, pearls, taupes, etc.
5. Finishes. As far as I know, EtKs are all shimmers. Infallibles come both in shimmers and mattes, which I'm also intrigued to try.

Yes, these are pretty awesome. Have you spotted them in your local drugstores yet?

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  1. Hey girl! Just found your blog when looking up swatches of these wonderful eye shadows. Midnight Blue and Eternal Black have to be mine...