Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Revlon Lip Butters in Gumdrop, Raspberry Pie, Sweet Tart - Review, Swatches, Photos

Lately, it seems, drugstore brands have been churning out the hits faster than The Beatles! I'm in no way complaining; the more quality drugstore makeup made available, the less money I spend on the luxury brands! This time, the product I'm head over heels for is Revlon's new lip butters.
Fairly ordinary packaging for a fairly extraordinary lipstick :) The three shades I purchased were Gumdrop, Raspberry Pie, and Sweet Tart.

Here's Gumdrop, a cool, light lavender pink -

This is Raspberry Pie, and raspberry pinkish red -

Finally, Sweet Tart, a bright rosey pink with the barest hint of coral -

Swatches -
L to R: Gumdrop, Raspberry Pie, Sweet Tart

Gumdrop is simply the perfect everyday lipstick for me - a cool wash of color that is neither overwhelming nor boring, and effortless enough for my ultra-casual workplace. Onto observations more useful to you, ha - I would categorize most of these as semi-opaque, high-shine finishes with no shimmer/glitter/frost to them. The resulting look then is young, fresh, and playful, as are the color selections - no blah, nondescript shades as far as I can see! The lip butters overall are smooth, non-fussy, and low-maintenance - not difficult to apply in the least, and very forgiving to my frequent hasty car applications. They are moderately moisturizing (a great compliment for a lipstick) and will work as a balm if you're in a pinch. Wonderful texture. Wear-time is only about three hours, but longevity is something I'm willing to sacrifice for the truly epic amount of moisture this lipstick provides. Revlon's Lip Butters are available at drugstores for $7.50-9 (ish? I've seen prices vary wildly...).

Are you a fan of drugstore makeup? I must admit, I've become more of a fan in the last few months than I have ever been. Budget brands certainly are stepping up their game!

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  1. I own all three shades (but still haven't tried gumdrop and sweet tart yet). Anyway, raspberry pie looks so much better on you than on me (it turned bright magenta on me).