Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nails Inc Special Effects Sprinkles in Pudding Lane, Sweets Way - Photos, Swatches, Review

I've been waiting and waiting and eyeing swatches longingly and waiting for the Nails Inc Sprinkles Special Effects collection to hit US shelves - and a couple of weeks ago, I finally spotted these new lacquers on the Sephora site! Hooray! I adore glitter in opaque bases, and bonus points for the yummy dessert tie-in. I'm  still (despite being well into my twenties, sadly) a sucker for colorful, sprinkled pastries that are decorated as if they are meant for 4-year-olds, and this Nails Inc. series brings out that sort of irreverent, childish fun!

Here's Pudding Lane, a bright blue with blue/green/gold glitter:

This is Sweets Way, a soft white base with pink/blue/silver glitter:

Photos were taken with two coats. I am pleasantly surprised at how opaque and jam-packed with glitter these lacquers are - each dip of the brush brings forth a treasure-trove of sprinkles so there's no worry over fishing or uneven distribution, though you need a layer or two of topcoat to achieve smoothness. They are lovely and fun and perfect for the beach-y summer weather. I see more Nails Inc Sprinkles in my future...

Nails Inc Special Effects Sprinkles are available at Sephora for $9.50 each.


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