Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OPI Miss Universe Collection - Swatches, Photos, Review

Meh, I've been sitting on these for a while, hesitant to post because the photos were taken during what I call my "helpless camera neophyte" phase where I couldn't figure out why all my pictures were looking blurry and horrid (turns out I had the camera on an ultra-customized, sensitive setting. D'oh!)

That being said, it is with much trepidation (and near on shame) that I present you OPI's Miss Universe Mini Collection (and the reason I did not slate these polishes for photo-retaking is because I have SO much product I want to review, and time is regrettably short!).
L to R - Congeniality is My Middle Name, Swimsuit... Nailed it!, Crown Me Already!, It's My Year
I must say, this is a much more exciting OPI collection than I've seen in quite a while! After the dreary, monochromatic snoozefest that was the Road Trip USA release, this is a welcome departure into gorgeous shimmer, beautifully rich color, and smooth application formula. A win for OPI!

First, Congeniality is My Middle Name -
A berry rouge with a hint of sparkle (which my wonky camera settings didn't capture properly). A lovely red-with-a-twist, and the formula is buttery and wonderful.

It's My Year -
A medium purple with veins of warm gold shimmer running throughout. Stunning, shiny, and very cool. Love the texture and finish!

Swimsuit... Nailed It! -

Fantastic foiled bright cerulean. I have a hard time picking favorites here (all the lacquers are such stars!), but this may be it. Vibrant, bold, and so fun.

Crown Me Already -

On the nail this looks like an explosion of scrapped bits of silver! A nice party or NYE polish. The glitter is denser than I expected it to be, and opaqueness is achievable in just two coats (though I did three in the swatches above). Especially for a 'glitter polish', Crown Me Already is high quality and easy to work with. 

Did you watch this year's Miss Universe contest? I have to admit beauty pageants never really interested me, but these OPI polishes certainly do! :)


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