Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BB Couture Saturday Night Fever - Swatches, Photos, Review

You know you need more sleep when...

1. In the morning, you squirt facial cleanser onto your brush instead of toothpaste.
2. You spend 15 minutes in the car garage looking for your vehicle, ready to report it stolen, before realizing you're on the wrong floor.
3. During a work seminar, where you're fighting to stay conscious, your head lolls for a second onto the shoulder of a stranger next to you. Mortifying! I can't even blame the speaker, who was world class, or a dull topic-- the subject was (roughly) gene transfer as immunotherapy for malignant melanomas. Quite interesting, but also requiring a bit of brainpower for the non-immunologist such as myself. Since my brain was already lagging about three seconds behind, I felt like I was on a tricycle trying to keep up with the fancy lamborghinis. x_o

Anyway, in an attempt to jar myself out of this hazy, lazy state of intellectual stagnancy (and to salvage this FAIL of a day), I'm providing you with some quick, drive-by swatches of one of my favorite nail polishes (yes, my self-imposed lacquer exile is over)! I have a hard time rating my collection, but this lovely is easily in the top 20. Here's the glorious Saturday Night Fever from BB Couture, a deep forest green with holographic glitter -

Yeah, the texture is a tad grainy... Rest assured that a swipe of top coat smoothes and evens out the finish.  My experience with BB Couture's formula has, on the whole, been excellent; opaque coverage is easy to tease out (two coats, occasionally three) and the lacquers are just the ideal consistency (neither too runny nor too thick). The price is, generally, reasonable ($10 for 0.5 oz) and quite good for the quality. The only thing I can find to complain about is availability - I wish the brand were easier to find offline!

Thanks for reading! :) Do you like BB Couture's polishes?


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