Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chanel Lagons Eye Shadow Palette - Review, Swatches, Photos

Ah, those iconic double C's. Synonymous with elegance. Opulence. Luxury. Extravagance. Quality. ...Bankruptcy?

If no one has gone homeless on account of an insatiable desire for Chanel (Chanelomania?), I may become the first; you'll find me wandering outside aimlessly in orthopedic shoes, clutching the fashion house's palettes to my chest like a lifeline.

I can console myself in the fact that if my life does take that dramatic downward turn, it won't be for a while yet - this is my first experience with Chanel's eye palettes (not counting playing with my mother's collection as a child. Why would she let my clumsy, irreverent nine-year-old self do that?!) and it's enough of a splurge that I hemmed and hawed, left and came back, circled the counter like a hawk, and changed my mind about forty-six times before finally slapping down my credit card.

I came away with Lagons, a quad palette in lovely hues of blue.

I don't have a decisive favorite color (it changes on whim, with no real rhyme or reason), but currently I'm infatuated with all variations on blue!

Gorgeous! I desperately wanted to show you pristine pans, but as soon as I bought it I had to use it! :p

These were swatched over primer. I love how pigmented, soft, and classic these shades are - even for someone who doesn't utilize color often, I think you'll find these quite wearable and workable. Smooth and blendable, it's easy-peasy to do a complete eye using only this palette that will, with a base, last you beautifully all day. This is a Lagons look I posted previously -

(More info and products used here)

I don't regret this Chanel purchase, but it is definitely not to be repeated often (gotta save those pennies!). Lagons nevertheless has my wholehearted approval, especially if it fits within your budget or if you're looking to give yourself an extra special treat. Chanel's quality is nearly always tops :)


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