Thursday, May 2, 2013

Julep Nail Polish in Shenae, Teri, Simone - Photos, Review, Swatches

Here are some Julep polishes that were in my Maven box a couple months back, and they happen to be the exact kind of soft, feminine shades I'm in the mood for these days!

Shenae, a cool, pale mint with silver shimmer (can you see it?) -

Teri, pastel lavender with fuchsia shimmer. Again, hard to tell, but it's there! -

Simone, an orange coral cream -

Very pretty colors, remind me of flower petals! Through my Maven subscription I've been able to test quite a few Julep polishes and they've all been solid. Good coverage and opacity. My one minor quibble is that the long, thin shape of the bottle and high center of gravity makes knocking it over easy... might just be my own clumsiness, though ;)

Julep lacquers are available through the Julep site for $14 each ($11.20 for Mavens!), as well as through Sephora.


  1. I love Julep. Their Glycolic Hand Scrub is amazing.

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