Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sugarpill Cosmetics Heartbreaker Palette - Review, Photos, Swatches

Woo, I'm on a Sugarpill roll! Today I have another lovely 4-pan palette - Heartbreaker! After you see photos, I hope you realize why it's so hard to pick a favorite; they are all maximally fantastic and full of so much awesome it hurts. Even if you only have the budget for one, you can't possibly go wrong whatever you pick. Without further ado, here's Heartbreaker:

As with Burning Heart, the formula, pigmentation, texture, etc. are stellar. For a more detailed breakdown, you can check out my Burning Heart palette post. This palette and others are available from the online Sugarpill shop for $34 each. Gooo theeeere :D

Thanks so much for reading - I truly appreciate it! :)


  1. One day I'll get one of Sugarpill's palettes ;)

  2. Wow the colors are really vibrant and beautiful.

  3. Wow those are very bright. I'm not sure I could wear those colors.