Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pretty and Polished Nail Lacquer in Blood Clot - Photos, Review, Swatches

Today I have a stunning Pretty and Polished Halloween shade called Blood Clot! This is a bright red jelly with slightly darker red glitter. Swatched in three thin coats:

The name is so very fitting, and I totally get blood clots from the appearance of this polish. The formula is amazing and smooth; can't think of any criticism (nor do I want to!). A perfect color not only for Halloween but for when you're in the mood for a sexy and unique bombshell red lacquer.

You can purchase Blood Clot for $8.50 at the Pretty and Polished Etsy shop here (I'm not positive that it'll be back in stock, though), or on sale for $8.00 at the Llarowe shop.

Lastly - Because I’m a hopeless nerd through and through, and I shamelessly seize any opportunity to unleash my nerdiness on others, I'll crowbar in a few fun (?) facts about blood:

1. The basics: Red blood cells (RBCs), the biconcave discs that make up a large portion of blood, have been emptied of nearly all organelles (including the DNA-housing nucleus) in order to maximize their oxygen-carrying capability. The lifespan of your average RBC is 120 days, roughly 2.4 million are created in your body per second, and full circulation of a RBC takes about 20 seconds.

2. In our RBCs, hemoglobin is the molecule that binds oxygen for transport. At the center of this molecule is an iron atom, which gives oxygenated blood its red color. Most crustaceans, however, utilize hemocyanin, which contains a copper atom instead of the iron one found in hemoglobin. Because of this copper atom, these hemocyanins have blue blood rather than red!

3. My lab pays donors $7 per tube of blood (roughly 10 mL). Based on this pricing, as a woman, all of the blood in your body is worth about $3500.
1GZX Haemoglobin.png
Hemoglobin; Picture from Wikipedia
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  1. That color red is really cool. It does look similar to blood.